Asia/Oceania (GENOA): 

Earthen Architecture and Green Building Techniques 

A solution provided by Auroville, India

Europe (GEN Europe): 

Holistic Water Management and Water Retention Landscapes

Solution provided by Tamera, Portugal

USA/Europe (GENNA/GEN Europe):

Soil Restoration and Carbon Sequestration using Biochar

The future starts with the dirt beneath our feet. Soil is the earth’s fragile skin that anchors all life. However, half of the topsoil on the planet has been lost in the last 150 years. Soil restoration is a major concern of farmers and of all of us who depend on vegetation.

Training Superadobe. Earth bag

Senegal from 22 december to 15 january

22.Dec to 15.Jan
All dimensions

(info en Castellano más abajo)


Ecole des Sables, SENEGAL 22 December 2016-15 January 2017
Become an agent of change: another world is possible! Get your degree to build your own green home and spent three weeks with us in touch with nature. Constructions adapted to all types of climate.
No prerequisite to participate.

curso de bosques comestibles

del 29 de octubre al 1 de noviembre

October 29 - November 1
All dimensions

Aprende las bases de diseño para crear bosques de alimentos: 29 octubre- 1 noviembre
Curso de Introducción al diseño de sistemas agro-forestales (bosques de alimentos) en Permacultura Caña Dulce, finca de 1,5 hectáreas, donde venimos desarrollando un bosque de alimentos desde hace 17 años.

Construcción con Paja y Tierra

Introducción a Construcción de Muros de Carga de Paja y Revoques de Tierra Arcillosa. Sevilla.

January 3 - 8

Curso Introductoria de Construcción con Muros de Carga de Paja y Revoques de Tierra Arcillosa.

Organizado por: Taller Con Co y Los Portales Communidad

Instructora: Rikki Nitzkin (coordinadora de la Red de Construcción con Paja y co-autora del libro "Casas de Paja: una guía para autoconstructores")

¡únete a nosotros para una semana de construir(nos)! 

"Permaculture Design Certificate"

Noosa Forest Retreat, Kin Kin, QLD, Australia.

November 3 - 15

The Noosa Forest Retreat Permaculture course on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast will include the standard “Permaculture Design Certificate” (PDC) curriculum as created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren This is a globally recognised education course on sustainable living design.

Las Tafetanas - Terra de Sol

Las Tafetanas - Terra de Sol es un pequeño y modesto proyecto multidisciplinar en el cual, con los recursos que el lugar nos brinda, maderas recicladas, recuperación de basura electrónica, etc., realizamos nuestros proyectos Opensoftware/Openhardware, desde muebles, duchas y estructuras hasta terrazas y aparatos de todo tipo. Asimismo, somos unos apasionados del buen vivir, el agua y el Sol :). De vez en cuando necesitamos ayuda y siempre estamos dispuestos a compartir ideas y conocimientos.

The Way to the Woods

Recovering the Ancient European Forest

There is enough evidence to prove the existence of a giant European forest very similar to tropical rainforests, long ago. It took some centuries to disappear here, whereas we could see its extinction in just a few decades in the tropics. The recovery of planet life and health implies necessarily to bring back its original green coat, a task that will not be undertaken by any government, since they are all slaves (and masters) of the same interest.

Clay Construction

creative and healthy building

September 2 - 4

At this workshop we will be taking a glance to the characteristics of this construction material and on the construction techniques used all over the planet. We deal with many tricks and maybe some additives to enhance its characteristics. We will explain all the steps: How to get it, to rate it, to mix it, to use it and to decorate it.
We will be also dealing wit lots of constructive elements and their fabrication with clay: floor, walls, ceilings; seats, ovens and even bathtubs. It is possible to do all of that with clay in a creative way.


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