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¿Quieres construir tu casa pero no sabes por dónde agarrar un proyecto así?



Todo lo que deberías saber antes de liarte la manta a la cabeza,

para poder organizar, planificar, ejecutar y presupuestar tu proyecto.

5ª edición: 8-9 abril (PLAZAS AGOTADAS)

6ª edición: 3-4 junio (ÚLTIMAS PLAZAS)

7ª edición: 24-25 junio

Llevas tiempo con ese sueño en la cabeza pero...


Cómo tener tu propia casa ecológica, eficiente y duradera y ahorrarte hasta el 60% para vivir sin deudas.

June 26 - July 2

38ª ed. Semana Santa (PLAZAS AGOTADAS)
39ª ed. 5-12 junio (PLAZAS AGOTADAS)
40ª ed. 26 junio- 2 julio

Todos necesitamos un lugar donde vivir.
Un lugar digno, sano, bonito y a un precio razonable y asequible.

Pero la realidad es bien distinta: casas caras, mal hechas, insalubres y que implican muchas veces adquirir grandes deudas...

Por qué venir al curso:

"Permaculture Design Certificate"

Noosa Forest Retreat, Kin Kin, Queensland, Australia.

June 22 - July 3

The Noosa Forest Retreat Permaculture course on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast will include the standard “Permaculture Design Certificate” (PDC) curriculum as created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren This is a globally recognised education course on sustainable living design.

Curso Certificado Diseño Permacultur


March 15 - 24

PERMACULTURA es un sistema integral basado en varias ciencias que se enfoca en diseñar entornos autosustentables y crear procesos regenerativos, ambientales y sociales. ¡Forma parte del proyecto de restauración planetaria más grande en la historia de la humanidad!

Gaia Ashram Teacher Internship

Holistic community learning from June 4th 2017 – October 1st 2017

June 4 - October 1

Are you a Permaculturalist? Ecovillage Designer? Deep Ecologist? Builder? Gardener? Natural product maker? Healer? Herbalist? Nutritionist? Shaman? Dancer? Artist? Yogi & Yogini?

Are you looking for a community to live to practice your knowledge and skills, a space to share your knowledge and skills with others, a place to use your knowledge and skills to create positive impact on earth?
Then, you might be interested in this program!

What is Gaia Ashram

What is Gaia Ashram ?

Published by the project: 
Gaia Ashram


Sustainability, Wellbeing & Education Re-Evolution

Tribodar is an association born in 2010 out of a dream to create an environment which facilitates learning, sharing and connection for people of all ages. Holistic and sustainable living is at the core of Tribodar. Since the beginning of the project we have recieved many people from all corners of the world to volunteer and participate in our permaculture and creativity gatherings, open learning events, healing retreats and our Tribojam Festival. In the past few years we have been dedicated to sustainability courses and wellbeing weeks.

One Network

The Eco VIllage Engine

Our villages are built creating an open source to be shared to demonstrate how to build safely, affordably, and efficiently with maximal use of reclaimed/recycled materials. The design of the Recycled Materials Village is an earthship-inspired semi-subterranean design that will provide 47 individual lots with living units that also include a village shop and 14 common areas. The common areas will include dining and social space large enough to seat 150+ people, an art space, music room, dance room, yoga/meditation space, library, game room, gym, and relaxation and socialization room.

Jaguarapira Wildlife Reserve

In 1994, as a master’s student in forest science, I started a project to restore the vegetation of a piece of land I eventually bought in 1998. Located near the base of a granite dome in southern Brazil, the property had originally harbored a mix of Atlantic Forest and the almost extinct Araucaria Forest, but these had been severely degraded by mining. After 22 years of restoration the forest cover is back as well wildlife.

Green Village

Green life-style

It is not only farming. And not only educating. As well as not only exchange. It is combination of farming, education and exchange about ideas, environment friendly concepts and educating about the green life-style concept from children to adults.
It is team work, cooperative activities and sharing.

The project background:

Location :- Sri Lanka
City: Dambulla
Region: Central province

Step 01: To establish the "Green Village"


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