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Video Documentation and Educational Tools for Community Development

A Solution provided by Común Tierra, Latin America

Training Superadobe. Earth bag

Senegal from 22 december to 15 january

22.Dec to 15.Jan
All dimensions

(info en Castellano más abajo)


Ecole des Sables, SENEGAL 22 December 2016-15 January 2017
Become an agent of change: another world is possible! Get your degree to build your own green home and spent three weeks with us in touch with nature. Constructions adapted to all types of climate.
No prerequisite to participate.

curso de bosques comestibles

del 29 de octubre al 1 de noviembre

October 29 - November 1
All dimensions

Aprende las bases de diseño para crear bosques de alimentos: 29 octubre- 1 noviembre
Curso de Introducción al diseño de sistemas agro-forestales (bosques de alimentos) en Permacultura Caña Dulce, finca de 1,5 hectáreas, donde venimos desarrollando un bosque de alimentos desde hace 17 años.

The Way to the Woods

Recovering the Ancient European Forest

There is enough evidence to prove the existence of a giant European forest very similar to tropical rainforests, long ago. It took some centuries to disappear here, whereas we could see its extinction in just a few decades in the tropics. The recovery of planet life and health implies necessarily to bring back its original green coat, a task that will not be undertaken by any government, since they are all slaves (and masters) of the same interest.


Our Home in Nature

Nestled in the remote, upper reaches of the Pelapa River on the pristine West Coast of Espiritu Santo, is the magical location of the spiritual commune EdenHope.

On 800 Hectares of lush green valley and mountain ranges, lives a vibrant community of visionaries, artists and contemplatives, gardeners and plant healers, fruitarians, mystics and indigenous peoples.

Self Empowerment Course

September 4-18, 2016 at The Panya Project, Chiang Mai, North Thailand.

September 4 - 18
All dimensions

This two week Self Empowerment Course this Sept (4-18) is a Life Changing opportunity to transform your life for the better by investing quality time and energy in yourself, to build your Inner Foundation, to uncover your strengths, passions and life purpose and remove any unwanted limiting thoughts or behaviors. Course cost is $700 accommodation, food, teachings, transport included.

The legitimacy of Sharing Economy

characterising its business side

Author: João Miguel Oliveira Cotrim

The sharing economy (SE) is growing at an impressive rate across the globe (Cohen & Kietzmann, 2014). It has become increasingly popular mainly for consumer research, however, scientific literature in general still lack a common understanding of SE and its underlying mechanisms (Knote & Blohm, 2016). Moreover, there is a scarcity of research of how SE business models work, which opens up an opportunity for other scholars to shed light on the topic and stimulate the pursue of interesting theoretical and empirical lines of research (Cohen & Kietzmann, 2014). What is, after all, this “Sharing Economy” that everyone seems to talk about and apparently is increasingly becoming part of our lives? This research project elaborates on this gap. It is composed of two distinct studies: (1) How really legitimate it is to refer to SE as a real new category? and (2) What types of business models and its components are used by SE companies? Drawing on multiple secondary data sources (literature review; opinion-making articles; interviews to experts; testimonials from Directors of companies labelled as “SE” ones and specific reports around SE), the first study elaborates on existing frameworks of category emergence, non-emergence and legitimation to investigate how legitimate the SE is as a market category. The second study – to be conducted along the next year –, centred at the organizational level, identifies some representative companies (located both in Portugal and abroad) as case studies in order to characterize their business models. This specific report presents the outcome of Study 1. The end result is the development of a more complete framework and an identification of 5 key determinants – Sameness (or Close Substitution); Distinctiveness; Credibility; Cognitive Legitimation; and Socio-political Legitimation – on the legitimacy of SE as a new market category, which enables a theoretical proposal model on the validation of SE as a true new market category. Results suggest that SE is showing an already relevant pattern path in becoming and consolidating its place as a true (new) market category. Considering Navis et al.’s (2012) foundation that if a core identity frame fails to emerge for the category as a whole, even though there may be significant advances in other areas, a new market category may still fail to emerge, it cannot be concluded that the SE already is a consolidated new market category, because it still lacks in an identity frame: socio-political legitimation. This study could serve as a catalyst for a more unified study of the nascent dimension of SE.

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Forum Theater for Women at Auroville

Pitchandikulam Forest organized two workshops for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) funded ‘Soul of WoMen’ gathering. These events focused on the exploration of womanhood, the struggles and strengths in the feminine.


Help us grow the Ecovillage Youth Network in Asia

October 2 - November 6
All dimensions

We will be bringing together ± 25 active youth from the Asian & Oceania regions for an intensive one month training in Ecovillage Design


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