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Video Documentation and Educational Tools for Community Development

A Solution provided by Común Tierra, Latin America

ECCOS Vereda Cascajal

Evaluacion de Comunidades Sustentables

desarrollar una evaluacion de la comunidad para tener claridad en sus aspectos sobre sustentabilidad y educar a la comunidad para que sea gestora de su propio desarrollo

Medicinal Gardens

Building regional autonomy in the area of health and strengthening local sovereignty in healthcare

Part of the 11-year-old University of Resistance’s curriculum is to share ancestral health knowledge. It has become survival knowledge as well as a tool to regain community power and autonomy.

Ecovillage Self-Sufficient Community

Self-Sufficient Community

We are joining a group of people REALLY INTERESTED AND UNITED BY A HIGHER PURPOSE, create a self-sustaining community, ecovillage or whatever you want to call with the concepts of harmony, permaculture, nonviolence and others to rescue the knowledge that has been lost in the current urban model life.
We will create the Community in Brazil and we propose more specific in Rio de Janeiro state, at surround area and inside of what remains of Atlantic Forest.


Argentina: 13-day Wavespells at VelaTropa

In front of the largest football stadium in Argentina lies an intentionally sustainable community. This is the ecovillage VelaTropa, located in the city of Buenos Aires, on the other side of the River Plate football club’s home.

9th Call of the Mountain

Latin America: The 9th Call of the Mountain - Setting a Pace for our Social Movement

In January, at the South of Colombia, at the very heart of the country’s conflict zone, ecovillagers, indigenous, afrodescendants, peasants and citizens were all together dancing, communicating, sharing and envisioning under the fiery sun crowning the mountains of Guambia, territory of the Misak

Facilitación en Procesos Grupales

La Facilitación en Procesos Grupales - Camino del Elder

Facilitación en Procesos Grupales: Camino del Élder

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Común Tierra
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El Camino del Élder

Piracanga: The Power of Youth

Brasil: Piracanga – The Power of Youth

Nara Nalinii Pais recently visited Piracanga, an ecovillage, community and human development centre in Bahia, Brazil, where she spoke with co-founder, Angelina Ataide.

Proyecto Dipam (Project Dipam)

sustainable Ecovillage

"Dipam" It's a word in the Pali language that can be translated as "Island", "Refuge" or even "Nirvana". I choose this name inspired by Aldous Huxley's "Island" of 1962. My favourite book and in my opinion an excelent guide towards an permacultural and peaceful ecovillage project.

An ecovillage oriented to create a peaceful an harmonious lifestyle within nature, using modern technologies, along some peaceful techniques (meditation, Taichi, etc) and comunity life. Using modern technologies oriented oriented towards self-sustentation but mantaining a basic confort level in life.


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