Student Project

Saint Clair Shores

This is a student project for a class meant to assess the sustainability of our individual communities.

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ECCOS Vereda Cascajal

Evaluacion de Comunidades Sustentables

desarrollar una evaluacion de la comunidad para tener claridad en sus aspectos sobre sustentabilidad y educar a la comunidad para que sea gestora de su propio desarrollo

Pleasant Hill Ecovillage

A group of friends would like to develop an ecovillage in central Iowa

A group of friends is researching how to develop an ecovillage on a 10 acre parcel outside of Pleasant Hill, IA. The land is currently mortgaged by one couple in the group. We are hoping to develop a multi-generational community that shares resources and responsibilities. In addition to energy efficient, sustainable co-housing, we would like to also grow much of our own food.

24 h. de meditación para la Tierra

El 1º de noviembre de 2015 en todo el mundo y en el Grand Rex en Paris

November 1 - 2

Este evento se está ofreciendo ante los albores de la COP 21, para preparar nuestros compromisos ciudadanos. Una sentada pacífica en todo el mundo.

El 1 de noviembre de 2015, desde las 8:00 am hora de París (CET), miles de mujeres y hombres, de todas las culturas y tradiciones, de todo el mundo, están invitados/as a participar en una “Sentada Planetaria Pacífica". Con oraciones propias y celebraciones de cada comunidad espiritual y laica, de cada persona; van a demostrar su compromiso personal para contribuir a la restauración de nuestra "casa común".

Research Newsletter

October 2015

Here comes the second newsletter of the GEN research working group. In this issue, you will find information on upcoming events and call for papers, especially for the ICSA conference (the CfP is open till Oct.31, for posters & session till Dec.31). We have two more reports to share from our intensive session at the GEN+20 in Findhorn last July. Furthermore, you will find a section with information on calls, new publications and new research projects.


Santa Barbara Eco-Village

The Santa Barbara Eco-Village vision is to create a place to gather and care for the Earth, ourselves and each other. A place to pull our resources and talents to live a healthier and more fulfilling life that can be sustained for generation as we help people of all ages and backgrounds.


It's Here

Toronto’s Eco Village

Our Mission:
ECOville.TO will offer an affordable housing option with a sizeable land component, a low carbon footprint design incorporating elegant esthetics, as part of a community of high-tech, eco-friendly, globally-minded citizens.

Hildur Jackson

In Memory of a Life Well Lived

All dimensions

In this newsletter, we share in the celebration of Hildur, mother of GEN and Gaia Education, in memory of a life well lived, and in grieving of her passing. Hildur’s life was a song for justice and human dignity. Remembering her, it seems her voice was singing rather than speaking

Editorial Newsletter September 2015

Ecovillages Responding to Disasters and Crises

All dimensions
With thousands of refugees and migrants arriving on the shores of Europe on a daily basis, the pain and crises in the world are becoming increasingly impossible to ignore, even in those regions which have felt relatively sheltered for a long time.


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