Sociocracy Leadership Training

Sociocracy for communities and cooperatives

September 9 - December 2

SoLT is an innovative way of learning sociocracy. Think of it as an immersion program in a ‘pop-up’ organization. SoFA provides the framework for that organization. That way, people interested in sociocracy can join SoLT and learn by doing what sociocracy feels like.

Imagine you wanted to learn rowing – and then you attend a workshop where you never sit in a boat. This is different in SoLT. We provide boats for people so they can learn and do and practice at the same time. We’re right next to you for every step, while you grow more and more confident and skilled.

Research Working Group GEN-INT

Are you an academic searching for an ecovillage as a case study for your survey? Are you a student intending to write an academic paper on an ecovillage? Are you a journalist interested in reporting on an ecovillage? Or are you an ecovillage community or member receiving requests from students or researchers asking to study your ecovillage?

Research Newsletter April 2016

Here comes the third newsletter of the GEN research working group. We have an active period behind us. You have already received the report of the ecovillage research meeting in Rotterdam. In this newsletter you find:


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Ecovillage research meeting

At DRIFT Rotterdam, Feb. 2016

The goal of this meeting has been share insights of academic research on ecovillages conducted so far, provide a good basis for more research cooperation, and to share dreams and strategies for future ecovillage research. Download the report of the meeting

La Revolucion del Amor

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Vuelta al Conuco

Boletin Electonico - Aldea Ecologica Gaia

Volver al conuco es mantener y recuperar tradiciones, recuperar la confianza en nosotras/os y nuestros lugares; es buscar adentro para despertar.

Volver al Conuco es ayudar a regenerar la salud de la tierra y comenzar a tener el control de la nuestra.

El conuco puede ser… Vínculo directo/cotidiano y sagrado con la naturaleza/lo natural. A través del conuco se podría iniciar ese dialogo pendiente con la madre tierra.

Editorial Newsletter January 2016

Dear friends of ecovillages, dear ambassadors, members, allies throughout the world,

All dimensions

Two major crises of our time - climate change and the refugee crisis – are intertwining to reach historical dimensions. People the world over - and all beings of nature – are existentially threatened, with nowhere to turn to.

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