Ecological Design Thinking

Postgraduate Programme

This postgraduate programme in Ecological Design Thinking will help to create a global network of design educators and practitioners able to respond to pressing economic, social and ecological challenges. It will enable students to play an active and transformative role in communities as we meet the challenge of transitioning to low carbon, high well-being and resilient places and systems. Never has there been a more important time for a new approach to design.

Ecological Food Systems

Postgraduate Programme

Ecological Food Systems at Schumacher College

Schumacher College is the first in the world to offer a postgraduate programme in Ecological Food Systems, developed in collaboration with Plymouth University, The Organic Research Centre (ORC), The Campaign for Real Farming and the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).

Join the leaders and change agents at the forefront of new thinking in resilient and healthy food systems.

Economics For Transition

Postgraduate Programme at Schumacher College

There is an urgent need for a radical rethink of our economic system. We need new thinking and new models that recognise the challenges we face now, rather than blindly following the path that has led us into the converging crises we now face.

Info Encuentro de Verano. Arterra

Lo que tienes que saber para venir....

August 27 - 30
All dimensions

Hola Compas
Nos vemos en unos días.Que alegría teneros aquí. Para que disfrutemos todas: cositas que saber, y que traer. Y alguna que NO traer...
Como todos los años os pedimos que traigáis vuestro servicio de comidas: platos, cubiertos, vasos.
Las personas del Sur, no olvidéis que venís al norte, y por la noche refresca: algo de ropa de abrigo! Sacos de dormir , claro.
Linternas no estarán de más, sobre todo las personas en acampada!

Research Newsletter

August 2015

Dear people around research about ecovillages,

GEN +20 Summit

Developing the New Story of Community

All dimensions

This year's Global Ecovillage Network Summit at Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, marked the organisation's tremendous growth and development since its emergence 20 years ago.

We are all Greece!

A Declaration of Action and Solidarity

We are the 280 participants of the Global Ecovillage Network GEN+20 Summit. From 5 continents and 50 countries, we are all engaged in building ecovillages: resilient communities that are models for sustainability and autonomy throughout the world.

A Letter from Greece

Taking Action in Times of Crisis

Skala Ecovillage is becoming a place of hope for people who are working on a perspective in the middle of the chaos. Anna Fillipou reports about the situation in the country.

Programa Talleres

Encuentro RIE en proceso....

August 27 - 30
All dimensions

Este es una primera propuesta de los diferentes espacio que os proponemos. Sabiendo que vamos a ir incluyendo otros, y que aquí no están los del espacio abierto que publicaremos en breve.


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