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Ecovillages in Estonia,Spain,Romania

I own land in estonia, spain and romania. I want to build sustainable ecovillages and I need people who wants to build them and inhabit them. some of the plots already have building permit and are by the seaside. The project shall be self-sustainable, permaculture, although additional income can be generated via organising educational and european voluntary placements all year long. The ecovillages can be also used as centres for spiritual awakening.

The Way to the Woods

Recovering the Ancient European Forest

There is enough evidence to prove the existence of a giant European forest very similar to tropical rainforests, long ago. It took some centuries to disappear here, whereas we could see its extinction in just a few decades in the tropics. The recovery of planet life and health implies necessarily to bring back its original green coat, a task that will not be undertaken by any government, since they are all slaves (and masters) of the same interest.

Ubuntu Village

Ubuntu Village in Uganda

Welcome to Ubuntu Village. I am Michele Mitchell, a woman with a dream to help our families and communities become sustainable, self-reliant, and an example of organic global cooperation. While I created the concept years ago, I have finally taken my experience as an office manager to work hand in hand with Badru and the Kids in Kalisizo, Uganda as our first outreach. I am passionate in this and wish for all in my African family to have the chance to reach their highest potential, as a see everyone as a seed of their highest potential.

GAIA Ashram Teacher Internship 2016

15.Aug to 15.Feb
All dimensions

Are you a Permaculturist? Ecovillage Designer? Deep Ecologist? Builder? Gardener? Natural product maker? Healer? Herbalist? Nutritionist? Shaman? Dancer? Artist? Yogi & Yogini?

Are you looking for a community to live to practice your knowledge and skills, a space to share your knowledge and skills with others, a place to use your knowledge and skills to create positive impact on earth?
Then, you might be interested in this program!

Asociación Manantial de Tara

Caminando la Sostenibilidad

El proyecto de la Asociación Manantial de Tara surge de una iniciativa privada con la visión de convertirse en un bien de interés público en el futuro. La filosofía que le sustenta es la de aportar y compartir un modelo de Desarrollo Sostenible a pequeña escala que permita la exploración, investigación, intercambio y disfrute de este territorio y los bienes que le conforman.

Sustainability- Resilience Weekend

Learn How to Survive and to Thrive with Nature

July 28 - 30

Are you interested in sustainability? Do you want to know if is possible to live off grid? Do you think that is possible to survive in a crisis situation? Join David and Raquel for a practical, informative and fun weekend learning skills from bushcraft to foraging.

Esenios Libres Madrid

Charlas Esenias en Madrid - Evento 03/07


Charlas Esenias en Madrid - Evento 03/07

Charlas esenias en Madrid. Nuevo evento el 03/07 Charlas-Debate-Opiniones-Intercambio.

New Oasis for Life

the Second Home Community

New Oasis For Life-the Second Home

Published by the project: 
New Oasis for Life

Green Canvas of Light

Permaculture Ecovillage in the Wilderness Lakes area of the Garden Route in South Africa

Green Canvas of Light is a conscious sustainable permaculture development project on a beautiful and fertile 50ha forest-farm in the Wilderness Lakes area of the Garden Route in South Africa.

Full details about this project can be found on our Facebook group at

Our Vision:

• The creation of an integrated, mature and sustainable community that is based on respect, wisdom and love.

Hof Medewege

Biodynamic cultural farmstead

We are a community of diverse individuals organized in plenty of projects, intitiatives and businesses located close to Schwerin in northern Germany. In Medewege agriculture meets craft, arts, culture and education. Our whole project began in 1991 with the foundation of a Waldorf Kindergarten on an abandoned estate surrounded by agricultural areas. Gradually, we then started with farming and food processing, from milk to yoghurt, from grain to bread, from apple to juice. All of our farming and food processing practices follow Demeter guidelines. However, we are more than a farm!


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