Health & Healing

Retiro Yoga Naturaleza Semana Santa

April 12 - 16

En el Paraje Natural de Karst en Yesos de Sorbas,  un Oasis en el Desierto

Yoga Integral, Meditaciones en Naturaleza, Conexión con los elementos, Senderismo consciente, Cantos devocionales “Mantras” y más…

Todos los días de 8.30 a 10.30 realizaremos una sesión de Yoga Integral.
Después desayuno y un poquito de tiempo para descansar.


Sustainability, Wellbeing & Education Re-Evolution

Tribodar is an association born in 2010 out of a dream to create an environment which facilitates learning, sharing and connection for people of all ages. Holistic and sustainable living is at the core of Tribodar. Since the beginning of the project we have recieved many people from all corners of the world to volunteer and participate in our permaculture and creativity gatherings, open learning events, healing retreats and our Tribojam Festival. In the past few years we have been dedicated to sustainability courses and wellbeing weeks.

Meditación para principiantes

Curso Intensivo


Un Curso intensivo orientado a principiantes y también a practicantes habituales de meditación que deseen profundizar en los fundamentos de la misma, especialmente a los que se encuentren desmotivados o estancados en su práctica y deseen retomarla con mayor vitalidad.

Impartido por Cristina Vega, psicóloga y instructora de Mindfulness

1 Objetivos del Taller de Iniciación:

Folleterre Faerie Sanctuary

A queer/LGBTQI+ sanctuary from the materialism and consumerism of much of gay life: a place for respite and healing in nature.

Welcome to Folleterre: part of the global network of radical faerie communities.

Folleterre aims to be a “pink lighthouse” where queers expand their special gifts and nature, explore the relationship between sexuality and spirit, and aims to provide a place of safety, homecoming, inspiration – a home for an ever-growing family of kindred souls.

Crooked Tree Homeless Ecovillage

A Tiny home Campground & Village part of One Network that will be a Gaiaship EcoVillage that is built and fueled with 95% TRASH!

A Tiny home Campground & Village part of One Network that will be a Gaiaship EcoVillage that is built and fueled with 95% TRASH!

"Coura Rocks"

Life Extension Village

What is a "Life Extension Village"?

This is a short history of how the idea for “Life Extension Villages” came about and how I would like them to develop. This is my dream, I guess, of how we can live more sustainably in the future with buildings and a local environment that aids health and longevity.

A Health Crisis

El Valle de la Luna

De la acción local a la sostenibilidad

Somos un emprendimiento social cuyo propósito es servir de conexión entre las personas y la naturaleza.
❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟ ❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟
Como parte de nuestra responsabilidad social y sostenibilidad, realizamos diferentes proyectos en forma totalmente gratuita, así como asesoría y consultoría en temas como: ❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟❟

Ecovillages in Estonia,Spain,Romania

I own land in estonia, spain and romania. I want to build sustainable ecovillages and I need people who wants to build them and inhabit them. some of the plots already have building permit and are by the seaside. The project shall be self-sustainable, permaculture, although additional income can be generated via organising educational and european voluntary placements all year long. The ecovillages can be also used as centres for spiritual awakening.

The Way to the Woods

Recovering the Ancient European Forest

There is enough evidence to prove the existence of a giant European forest very similar to tropical rainforests, long ago. It took some centuries to disappear here, whereas we could see its extinction in just a few decades in the tropics. The recovery of planet life and health implies necessarily to bring back its original green coat, a task that will not be undertaken by any government, since they are all slaves (and masters) of the same interest.

Ubuntu Village

Ubuntu Village in Uganda

Welcome to Ubuntu Village. I am Michele Mitchell, a woman with a dream to help our families and communities become sustainable, self-reliant, and an example of organic global cooperation. While I created the concept years ago, I have finally taken my experience as an office manager to work hand in hand with Badru and the Kids in Kalisizo, Uganda as our first outreach. I am passionate in this and wish for all in my African family to have the chance to reach their highest potential, as a see everyone as a seed of their highest potential.


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