Agricultura Organica

4 días con Jairo Restrepo en Arterra Bizimodu

April 29 - May 2
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Programa orientativo de “El ABC de la Agricultura Orgánica”
con Jairo Restrepo Rivera
Versión 4 días
Día 1:
Mañana. Sesión teórica:
0.- Presentación del curso.
1.- Crisis de la Agricultura convencional y agricultura orgánica industrializadas.
2.- Historia de la química en la agricultura y sus impactos.
3.- Reciprocidad mineral en la nutrición de los cultivos y geo-evolución de los suelos.
Tarde. Sesión teórica a y práctica:
1.- Captura y reproducción masiva de microorganismos nativos y activación líquida.


Libres o Esclavos

April 1 - 2

Con Xabi Odriozola en Arterra Bizimodu

Masculinismo, masculinidad y hombría: ¿libres o esclavos?

¿Sabes que es el masculinismo?

¿Has oido hablar alguna vez sobre hombría o la masculinidad?

¿Te son conocidas la nuevas masculinidades?

¿Te suena de algo estas cuestiones: Qué es ser hombre, qué quiere decir, tienes alguna pista de cómo se construye y para qué sirve?

¿Sabías que te hicieron ser “hombre”, desde tu nacimiento?

¿Sabías que antes de ser hombre primero fuiste persona?

¿Y qué quiere decir ser persona? ¿Eso sí sabes que es?

IDEAL Society

Institute for the Development in Education, Arts, and Leisure

IDEAL Society is a collectivity composed of members of all ages hailing from various nationalities, cultures, religions and backgrounds. Uniting this group is a common ideal of fraternity among people. Since 1993 our shared collective life in the beautiful mountains of southeastern British Columbia forms an experimental framework and environment in which to grow in harmony with nature, while contributing to the well-being of the group and larger community in a spirit of sustainable development.

Nackunga Community

Living and working together as a way of developing ourselves and contributing to a changing world

Nackunga Community is an intentional community for families and adults living and working together, developing the community and creating outwardgoing projects. We believe a sustainable lifestyle, promoting inner growth and outer change, works as an example and source of inspiration for others.

DRC 4th Annual Ecovillage Workshop

DRC to hold 4th Annual Ecovillage Workshop from 4th - 18th June 2017

All dimensions

The Democratic Republic of Congo will hold its 4th Annual Conference on Ecovillage Strategies from the 4th to the 18th of June 2017.

The workshop is aimed at building capacity of members of the Ecovillage Network and new members in ecovillage strategies using the Ecovillage Design Education Model. Mostly participants will include representatives or 3 Villages in Kinshasa namely Mingadi-1 ,Mingadi-2 and Diaki.

GEN DRC will like to welcome other international participants who will want to participate in the workshop to contact them.

El Calabacino

aldea rehabitada

Es una aldea rodeada de casas y huertas diseminadas en un valle orientado hacia el sur en la Sierra de Aracena(Huelva).

Después de muchos años de abandono,se empezó a repoblar hacia el año 1985 con gente joven con el objetivo de volver a las raíces,retomar las tradiciones y crear un vinculo mas directo con la naturaleza.

Nuestra comunidad esta basada en pequeñas fincas familiares,donde hemos reconstruido sus ruinas, repoblado sus huertas y recuperado sus manantiales.

Peace of Mind

Experimenting with higher satisfaction of life

For many years I've wanted to start a new kind of intentional community, and now I'm ready to commit.

Even though we live in the best time ever, many people are more tired or unhappy then they need to be.

Political/economic reform will not work if people want to stay consumers. We need something more desirable than what consumerism offers. We need to inspire them with a real world example.

This has always been my calling and so over the last decade I've been designing a new lifestyle that provides a new kind of satisfaction.

Gaia Ashram Internship

The Pioneers of Gaia Ashram - July 2nd until July the 30th

July 2 - 30
All dimensions

The Gaia Ashram Internship is a one month program on Ecovillage Design, Permaculture and Deep Ecology. The internship will be a holistic participatory learning experience & process.

Immersion of co-creation ...

... and new team bonding at Valle de Sensaciones

March 2 - 9
All dimensions

We call for people to:
- nourish our Ecovillage Laboratory project,
- joining the rotating team, or even
- co-creating a permanent community here.

Especially we are looking for people who have experience living in an Ecovillage or Community and bring expertise in any of the following: Permaculture design, organic gardening, construction and maintenance of green buildings (cob, wood, tree houses, clay), green technology, administration of an NGO (in the Spanish reality), education related to Eco-village living and group process knowledge.

Indigo project

For now we are only 4 and we want to build an eco-village, but we know that people will be called to us at the right time... Two of us are a moroccan couple, we have one belgo-moroccan and one french girls.
We all are artists in different ways: paintors, fire jugglers, jewelry creators, hula hoopers, video artists, dancers, sculptors, musicians, recycling artists, art therapists, etc...
Our land (2,5 ha)is in a rural area, close to a small small city: Kelaa des Sraghnas (a little less than 1 hour from Marrakech)


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