Community Building

A process to develop authentic communication in community

Scott Peck has identified 4 phases of group development and created guidelines for skillfully navigating these that culminate in an experience of a mature, authentic community.

Learning from Failure

Daring to face what we’ve defined as failure

Take time to reflect on past failures. Feel the emotions that accompany these experiences. Make space for these. This might lead to a deeper integration. With support, create a space from which we can look back at these experiences and place them in a bigger context.

Support groups - Women’s and Men’s C

The role of support groups, in particular women’s and men’s circles

Finding a support group that meets regularly or can be activated when you need it, can make all the difference.

The Practice of Journaling

Gaining self-awareness through a regular writing practice

Regular automatic writing can become a key to discovering deeper layers of our own being. It can help us work through difficult feelings, become aware of our patterns and habits and open up a flow of creativity.

What is Dragon Dreaming?

Dragon Dreaming definitions


Dragon Dreaming – is love in action

Dragon Dreaming – a way of making 100% of your dreams come true.


Bringing a group together consciously at the beginning and end of meetings, aligned to the highest purpose.

Taking a minute or two at the beginning of the meeting, either in silence with a few words of guidance offered by the facilitator, to pause and notice that we are in a new space; to consciously connect with the others with whom we are meeting; and to clearly connect with the overarching purpose o

Balancing Mind & Body

The importance of balancing mind & body to relieve stress symptoms and avoid diseases.

Understanding what stress is and having a daily practice that balances your mind and body system.

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