Supporting someone to become more effective in their own unique way

Using processes drawn from the world of sport, we can coach people into finding their own way forward.

Embodying Success

Exploring the roots of our leadership

Taking time to reflect and reconnect. This can be done in many different ways, including journaling, regular meditation, going into nature (e.g. vision quest). It is also helpful to create embodied experiences or “rituals” that honour our roots.

Leadership Styles

Four Archetypes that underpin inspirational leadership: Sovereign, Great Mother, Medicine Woman, Warrior

Carl Jung and others saw that inside every human being is a feminine and masculine potential (yin and yang, anima and animus) and a static and dynamic potential. When we marry these four potentials together, 4 archetypes of human behaviour emerge:

Learning from Failure

Daring to face what we’ve defined as failure

Take time to reflect on past failures. Feel the emotions that accompany these experiences. Make space for these. This might lead to a deeper integration. With support, create a space from which we can look back at these experiences and place them in a bigger context.

Statement of Intention

Clarifying our focus to build support

Practice distilling the essence of our project into a few short sentences and work with a simple template that helps to crystallize our thinking. Develop an ‘elevator pitch’. Find the right name. Clarify the vision and core goals of your project. Think about a logo.

Localisation-economics of happiness

Promoting the renewal of local communities, economies and cultures

The answer lies in shifting away from economic globalization towards localization. Whereas the global economy demands monoculture, both human and ecological, localisation is a process that adapts economic activity to diversity -- a fundamental principle of life.

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