Twin sister of permaculture that rarely any ecovillage knows about

As permaculture is to agriculture, "permanent agriculture", so Permafacture is to manufacturing, "Permanent manufacture": ways of producing goods which meet the criteria of permaculture - activities which could be done in the same space for 10,000 years. 

Wind Turbine

How to build a wind turbine

This instruction describes the process of building your own wind turbine without having to spend a lot of money. The wind turbine would then allow you to produce your own energy.

Solar Oven

Build your own cardboard solar oven

This is a very easy and cheap to make solar oven made out of cardboard and duct tape which only requires sun to be present and then small meals can be cooked inside of it. (or bigger meals depending on how big the cardboard box and reflectors are)

Bicycle Power

A bicycle powered generator

This is an easy experimental solution to get some workout and charge some batteries at the same time.

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