School yards to fruit forests

Productive multi-purpose school grounds/ greening school yards or compounds/ school food forest/ school orchard gardens

Integrated land use design (ILUD) is an inclusive and participatory process that is used by the SCOPE and ReSCOPE Programmes in east and southern Africa to green the schools and turn the bare school grounds into food forests.

Swales - harvesting rainwater to rep

Rain water harvesting into the ground/ contour ridges/ swales

The ‘S’ Principles: Looking at the rain as the main source of water, we need to harvest it at the source by slowing it down and stopping it from flowing using swales and mulch or ground cover. Swales are ditches on the ground that are dug truly on contour.


Twin sister of permaculture that rarely any ecovillage knows about

As permaculture is to agriculture, "permanent agriculture", so Permafacture is to manufacturing, "Permanent manufacture": ways of producing goods which meet the criteria of permaculture - activities which could be done in the same space for 10,000 years. 

Bush Care

regenerating native flora and fauna

Detailed studies of vegetation followed by development of comprehensive management plans for properties that have been degraded or disturbed provide a framework for restoration of native flora that can in turn aid the recovery of native fauna.

Biochar from Bamboo Kilns

Sequestering CO2 while rebuilding soil

Convert the fastest growing terrestrial plant, bamboo, currently supplying livelihood to 1.2 billion humans because of its many uses and ability to grow in nearly all climates, from labile carbon to recalcitrant carbon through pyrolytic conversion in a low-cost, multiple-yield process.

Keyline Management

Redirecting nutrient flow by subsoiling off-contour

Keyline management restores fertility to crop, forest and pasture lands and to steeper and rougher terrains that have never before been capable of rapid improvement.

Compost Tea

Producing liquid bioconcentrates from organic waste

Compost tea is produced by steeping plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms in warm, aerated water and organic wastes over a 24-hour brewing cycle to produce a biologically active liquid concentrate that is then applied to field, forest or garden to stimulate soil fertility.

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