The Laws of Manifestation

How to attract the resources necessary to do what you need to do.

Working with spiritual principles can be very helpful here. David Spangler, one of the pioneers of the Findhorn Foundation community, set out some key principles in publications on “The Laws of Manifestation”.


Deep Listening

Pinakarri is the Martu Mandjilidjara Aboriginal word for Deeper Listening. In our western culture we seem to have lost the skill of empathically listening to each other.

Collective Wisdom

How the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts

We need to reinstate meaningful conversations at every level of society. We need to learn how to creatively express our individual diversity and potential, without attachment to being right, contributing our piece to the jigsaw puzzle of life.

Political Influencing

Engaging in political reality so that what we think is right and needs to be done actually happens.

To become effective we need to understand how power operates, e.g. how decisions are actually made, how to build alliances and coalitions and how to sense the right moment to act. We need to give up the wish to be popular and understood by everyone.

Statement of Intention

Clarifying our focus to build support

Practice distilling the essence of our project into a few short sentences and work with a simple template that helps to crystallize our thinking. Develop an ‘elevator pitch’. Find the right name. Clarify the vision and core goals of your project. Think about a logo.

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