Community Supported Agriculture (CSA

Building bridges between villages - Setting up direct relationships between growers and consumers of agricultural products -

Guneskoy Cooperative has applied CSA to support sustainable living in traditional villages by ecological food production based on an economy with mutual support between people living in city and a village. Each week vegetables are picked up and distributed to the supporters in the city.

School yards to fruit forests

Productive multi-purpose school grounds/ greening school yards or compounds/ school food forest/ school orchard gardens

Integrated land use design (ILUD) is an inclusive and participatory process that is used by the SCOPE and ReSCOPE Programmes in east and southern Africa to green the schools and turn the bare school grounds into food forests.

Pedal Powered Tractor

A Culticycle is a pedal powered tractor for cultivation and seeding, built from lawn tractor, ATV, and bicycle parts.

Bread from Sweet Potatoes

Creating local food sovereignty

Challenges also includes post harvest processing or storage.

Portable Gardens – urban food

Tackling the Urban food security

Plastic bags can be used or recycled and help in the growing of food

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