Conflict Transformation

Theory and Practice of Working with Conflict

Welcome conflict and embrace it as an inevitable part of human experience. See the other as yourself and sense the feelings and needs that underpin the outer expression.

Open Space

Convening meetings on what interests us most

Harrison Owen created a social technology that enables people to convene meetings about the topics that are most alive in them and allows for cross-fertilisation of ideas.


Understanding how power and privilege operate within and between individuals and groups

Amy and Arny Mindell, in Process Work, have outlined 4 types of rank and power (social, psychological, contextual and spiritual) and the signals that flow from those who have ‘high rank’ and ‘low rank’ in different situations.

The Practice of Forum

Building transparency and authenticity in community

In the practice of Forum, we come together in ongoing groups to share deeply and authentically what is alive in us. With skillful facilitation, an atmosphere of safety is created, which enables us to step out of our comfort zone and into deeper levels of vulnerability and creativity.

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