Supporting someone to become more effective in their own unique way

Using processes drawn from the world of sport, we can coach people into finding their own way forward.

Bread from Sweet Potatoes

Creating local food sovereignty

Challenges also includes post harvest processing or storage.

Collective Wisdom

How the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts

We need to reinstate meaningful conversations at every level of society. We need to learn how to creatively express our individual diversity and potential, without attachment to being right, contributing our piece to the jigsaw puzzle of life.

Intergenerational Living

Creating spaces for young and old to live together

By designing our communities to encourage and facilitate a wide diversity of ages and stages of life from day care and preschools to assisted living and aged care we can reclaim the extended family that is often non-existent in the modern world.

Community Building

A process to develop authentic communication in community

Scott Peck has identified 4 phases of group development and created guidelines for skillfully navigating these that culminate in an experience of a mature, authentic community.

School yards to fruit forests

Productive multi-purpose school grounds/ greening school yards or compounds/ school food forest/ school orchard gardens

Integrated land use design (ILUD) is an inclusive and participatory process that is used by the SCOPE and ReSCOPE Programmes in east and southern Africa to green the schools and turn the bare school grounds into food forests.

Conflict Transformation

Theory and Practice of Working with Conflict

Welcome conflict and embrace it as an inevitable part of human experience. See the other as yourself and sense the feelings and needs that underpin the outer expression.

Intergenerational Living

Creating spaces for young and old to live together

By designing our communities to encourage and facilitate a wide diversity of ages and stages of life from day care and preschools to assisted living and aged care we can reclaim the extended family that is often non-existent in the modern world.

Embodying Success

Exploring the roots of our leadership

Taking time to reflect and reconnect. This can be done in many different ways, including journaling, regular meditation, going into nature (e.g. vision quest). It is also helpful to create embodied experiences or “rituals” that honour our roots.

Localisation-economics of happiness

Promoting the renewal of local communities, economies and cultures

The answer lies in shifting away from economic globalization towards localization. Whereas the global economy demands monoculture, both human and ecological, localisation is a process that adapts economic activity to diversity -- a fundamental principle of life.

Leadership Styles

Four Archetypes that underpin inspirational leadership: Sovereign, Great Mother, Medicine Woman, Warrior

Carl Jung and others saw that inside every human being is a feminine and masculine potential (yin and yang, anima and animus) and a static and dynamic potential. When we marry these four potentials together, 4 archetypes of human behaviour emerge:

University of Resistance

A collaborative University of farmers building regional autonomy in the area of education for non violent resistance

Eleven years ago, the community’s response was to organize volunteer teachers to give basic classes as a traveling university. “We began to realize that we are the owners of our education,” said Tuberquia.

Learning from Failure

Daring to face what we’ve defined as failure

Take time to reflect on past failures. Feel the emotions that accompany these experiences. Make space for these. This might lead to a deeper integration. With support, create a space from which we can look back at these experiences and place them in a bigger context.

Open Space

Convening meetings on what interests us most

Harrison Owen created a social technology that enables people to convene meetings about the topics that are most alive in them and allows for cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Political Influencing

Engaging in political reality so that what we think is right and needs to be done actually happens.

To become effective we need to understand how power operates, e.g. how decisions are actually made, how to build alliances and coalitions and how to sense the right moment to act. We need to give up the wish to be popular and understood by everyone.

Pro Action cafe

Bringing the wisdom of a group to the support of an individual’s task, project and vision

using a blend of World Cafe and Open Space processes, we can create dynamic, creative and fluid spaces in which we support each other to interrogate more deeply the plans and projects we are already working on.


Understanding how power and privilege operate within and between individuals and groups

Amy and Arny Mindell, in Process Work, have outlined 4 types of rank and power (social, psychological, contextual and spiritual) and the signals that flow from those who have ‘high rank’ and ‘low rank’ in different situations.

Statement of Intention

Clarifying our focus to build support

Practice distilling the essence of our project into a few short sentences and work with a simple template that helps to crystallize our thinking. Develop an ‘elevator pitch’. Find the right name. Clarify the vision and core goals of your project. Think about a logo.

Support groups - Women’s and Men’s C

The role of support groups, in particular women’s and men’s circles

Finding a support group that meets regularly or can be activated when you need it, can make all the difference.

What is Dragon Dreaming?

Dragon Dreaming definitions


Dragon Dreaming – is love in action

Dragon Dreaming – a way of making 100% of your dreams come true.

System Blindness

Overcoming blind spots in planning for sustainability : spatial and temporal systems blindness

The first problem is exacerbated because problems like atmospheric pollution are increasingly cause by millions of small, incremental damaging contributions to the biosphere (eg aerosols, car exhausts) rather than large scale, more obvious ones (like oil spills, factories).

What is an Ecovillage?

Definition by the Global Ecovillage Network

Mandala category: 
All dimensions

An ecovillage is an intentional or traditional community using local participatory processes to holistically integrate ecological, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of sustainability in order to regenerate social and natural environments.

The Ethics of Sustainable Thinking

A framework for making moral and ethical choices

some choices are “right versus wrong” and most people only take a moment of reflection to come to the proper decision. Some choices are more complex and might be viewed as “right versus right”.


Bringing a group together consciously at the beginning and end of meetings, aligned to the highest purpose.

Taking a minute or two at the beginning of the meeting, either in silence with a few words of guidance offered by the facilitator, to pause and notice that we are in a new space; to consciously connect with the others with whom we are meeting; and to clearly connect with the overarching purpose o

The Practice of Forum

Building transparency and authenticity in community

In the practice of Forum, we come together in ongoing groups to share deeply and authentically what is alive in us. With skillful facilitation, an atmosphere of safety is created, which enables us to step out of our comfort zone and into deeper levels of vulnerability and creativity.

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