Statement of Intention

Clarifying our focus to build support

Practice distilling the essence of our project into a few short sentences and work with a simple template that helps to crystallize our thinking. Develop an ‘elevator pitch’. Find the right name. Clarify the vision and core goals of your project. Think about a logo.

The Ethics of Sustainable Thinking

A framework for making moral and ethical choices

some choices are “right versus wrong” and most people only take a moment of reflection to come to the proper decision. Some choices are more complex and might be viewed as “right versus right”.

Localisation-economics of happiness

Promoting the renewal of local communities, economies and cultures

The answer lies in shifting away from economic globalization towards localization. Whereas the global economy demands monoculture, both human and ecological, localisation is a process that adapts economic activity to diversity -- a fundamental principle of life.


Promoting human and ecological wellbeing

It is important that we promote a holistic vision in which human happiness or wellbeing are seen as inseparable from ecological wellbeing.

What is Dragon Dreaming?

Dragon Dreaming definitions


Dragon Dreaming – is love in action

Dragon Dreaming – a way of making 100% of your dreams come true.

Framework for Strategic Sustainable

A 5 Level Model for Planning in Complex Systems.

This five level model helps us to plan for success. By understanding the system within which we are working we can more clearly define what success looks like within that system. This allows us to be strategic, to develop tactics, tools and metrics.

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