Learning from Failure


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Daring to face what we’ve defined as failure

We hate failing and often wish to put our failures behind us or pretend we did not fail in the first place. In so doing, we lose the opportunities to mine for the gold that is embedded in these learning experiences. Also, in our fear of failure, and thus be diminished in the eyes of others, we tend to stick with the familiar and lose our willingness to risk and innovate.

Take time to reflect on past failures. Feel the emotions that accompany these experiences. Make space for these. This might lead to a deeper integration. With support, create a space from which we can look back at these experiences and place them in a bigger context. Notice insights and learnings. Connect to the original intention and see if we feel drawn to revisit the scenario, in the light of this newfound wisdom.


“If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.” Woody Allen

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