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The key to successful sustainable projects

Avoiding burn-out of project team members.

Celebration is about gratitude, thanks giving, recognition and acknowledgement. It is the importance of Celebration that makes Dragon Dreaming different from many other project management tools. Celebration is an important process that reconnects the doing of a project back to the dreaming. It is a way of looking at how the project we are doing gives meaning to our lives.
Celebration is where we are being personal.

It is strongly suggested 25% of the cost and energy used in all Dragon Dreaming projects should involve Celebrating! We encourage your project to have a Celebrating team that ensures this happens throughout the project (as it is part of every quadrant). Examples of Celebrations throughout the project can include:

- Story telling
- Dancing
- Singing
- Rituals (celebrating individual, community, earth)


If it's not fun it's not sustainable - Public Domain

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