Sociocracy Leadership Training


Sociocracy for communities and cooperatives

Friday, September 9 till Friday, December 2 of 2016

SoLT is an innovative way of learning sociocracy. Think of it as an immersion program in a ‘pop-up’ organization. SoFA provides the framework for that organization. That way, people interested in sociocracy can join SoLT and learn by doing what sociocracy feels like.

Imagine you wanted to learn rowing – and then you attend a workshop where you never sit in a boat. This is different in SoLT. We provide boats for people so they can learn and do and practice at the same time. We’re right next to you for every step, while you grow more and more confident and skilled.

Within 12 weeks, we will tell you all you need to know to be part of a successful, well-grounded sociocratic organization. Watch the video below to hear more

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