Immersion of co-creation ...


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... and new team bonding at Valle de Sensaciones

Thursday, 2. bis Thursday, 9. March 2017

We call for people to:
- nourish our Ecovillage Laboratory project,
- joining the rotating team, or even
- co-creating a permanent community here.

Especially we are looking for people who have experience living in an Ecovillage or Community and bring expertise in any of the following: Permaculture design, organic gardening, construction and maintenance of green buildings (cob, wood, tree houses, clay), green technology, administration of an NGO (in the Spanish reality), education related to Eco-village living and group process knowledge.

In this one week of immersion we wish to get together with the existing team members (4 at present) and potential team members to co-create together in running the Eco-village laboratory.

At present, some of our goals and objectives include (but are not limited to): running the Ecovillage Laboratory to provide maximum opportunities for experience of living in a temporary community and learning together; creating workshop facilities to provide a service of cutting edge workshops on different subjects of our focus (Sexuality in community, permaculture and natural building, arts and creativity in nature, spirituality and shamanism, feminine wisdom and balancing of masculine and feminine energies, community building tools); accomplishing building of a cultural centre; and establishing a permanent community on the adjacent land. Bringing your own projects and subjects are very welcome.

In the project we developed:
- the “Community Mandala” - a game approach for organising the day by day life of community,
- the concept of “Ecovillage Laboratories” - providing the infrastructure for process work in the Ecovillage context
- “Apparatus communitus creativus” - an interactive tool for flexible administration of community economy (is being developed at the moment)

Sharing about what is important for us:
- Balancing feminine and masculine aspects in each individual
- Sensual contact with nature
- Creativity - Spirituality - Sexuality (sex positive)
- Music, joy and celebration
- Self- responsibility, truthful communication and transparency
- Freedom and empowerment to be who we are

Does it inspire you? If yes, we invite you to get in touch with us!
We also would be happy if you share this invitation with some close friends that may be interested.

More Infos and the Application Form you find here:

If you prefer connecting with us through e-mail you can write to:
[email protected]

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